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A playbook for innovators, rule-breakers and changemakers Licence: Copyright Icebreakers at the Open Directory Site de rencontre question a poser list of websites proposing icebreakers methodology Licence: Various Mapping Social Design Practice: Various http: The site has rencontres creatives internationales big database of facilitation methods. Although some of them are not well documented, the list is useful.

Copyright http: This play and easy to read book is based on the classic fable Stone Soup, where hungry people working cooperatively and collectively make a great meal for everyone to share.


The exercises are simple tools we use to help create quality connections between our staff. High involvement means engaging the people in changing their own system. It is systemic because there is a conscious choice to include the people,playctions,and ideas that can affect or be affected by the work.

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Whole system change methods help you initiate high-leverage, sustainable improvements in rencontres creatives internationales or communities. Luma distilled the portfolio down to 36 of the most effective tools for innovate—the majority of them in common use—organized in three categories: Each category contains three subcategories, and rencontres creatives internationales subcategory contains four innovate tools.

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This hierarchical model makes it much easier to identify the tools you need and then put rencontres creatives internationales to use. Introducing New Ideas into Organizations 48 patterns for driving and sustaining change in your organizationChange.


It takes too long. People resist it. But without it, organizations die. Fortunately, you can succeed at making change. In Fear Less, Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns reveal 48 patterns of behavior associated with successful change in knowledge-driven organizations, and show exactly how to use them in your organization.


The book is a road map that provides sixteen learning practices and a proven strategy for socializing them throughout your organization. Rencontres creatives internationales Culture Game is your tutorial and reference guide for taking learning and productivity in your organization to the next level.

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Inside this book you will find all the tools you need to get results right now. Copyright h ttp: Playing games to do work? You bet. From discovering new ideas to prioritizing killer new features, Conteneo helps put your ideas into action and bring breakthrough products and services to market—faster and more efficiently. Most of them were published in the.